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Sanford Fitness Club is a Fitness, Health and Wellness Center that is also equipped with a 24-hour Gym.

You will benefit from our personal training and fitness programs which cater for all ages, genders, body types and fitness levels.

  • Real Science
  • Affordable
  • Real Results
  • Sustainable
  • Real Training
  • Effective

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You Can Benefit From Our Fitness, Health and Wellness Programs In The Following Ways:

Gain Energy

You will feel invigorated, alive and energetic when you participate in our training.

Look Younger

Imagine how you would feel being able to wind back the years and not only looking younger but feeling your youth.

Lose Weight

Just look in the mirror and see the slimmer you. Your desire is our goal and Your wish is our command.

Increase Stamina

Feel the burn, feel the power, feel the energy , You are on your way to incredible strength and stamina.

Tone and Tighten

You can transform your body and release the sexier YOU!!

Build Muscle

You will have the fit & fabulous body you want.

Live Happier

Fitness impacts mental wellbeing too - we’ll have you feeling mentally bright and looking great.

Introducing The Only Total Fitness Option In Central Florida Incorporating Real Science, Real Results, Real Training that is Affordable, Sustainable and Effective & Customized To You & Your Goals

“I have never been this strong in my entire life”

Here’s what some of our clients have to say

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