How to combine shopping and exercise

Whether you are mingling with the masses on Black Friday, rushing to the supermarket for some much-needed groceries, or are simply spending more time shopping than at the gym, you don’t have to neglect working out altogether. We’ve complied this handy list of alternative exercises that can be done while you are out shopping. The […]

How exercise makes you happier

There’s no doubt that exercise has benefits. Not only can it improve your health and appearance, but it can also enhance your mood and even make you a happier person. Just how exactly does this happen? Here are a number of proven ways exercise can boost your spirits and help you find your smile. Boost […]

The benefits of walking and how to do more of it

Since the dawn of mankind, people have walked. It is one of the easiest, most natural things you can do – yet with cars, buses, trains and escalators easily available, modern technology has made it a less favorable option for getting around. And because of this, people walk much less often today, perhaps less than […]

Why seeing is Vitamin B-lieving

Everyone wants to tell you how important Vitamin C is, and Vitamin D has recently become a big deal with many nutritionists, but what about Vitamin B? We understand Vitamin B can be more complex, since there are eight types; however, getting enough of these helps reduce your risk of stroke, and lets you enjoy […]

To CrossFit or Not to CrossFit?

In 2008, I discovered CrossFit and fell in love with it, so much so that I opened one of the first affiliates in Central Florida. In fact, ours was the third affiliate here and the first one in the Sanford/Lake Mary/Heathrow area. CrossFit is an exercise methodology that combines Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics and metabolic conditioning (think of exercises that cause the heart rate to spike, like sprinting, box jumping and burpees) to train athletes to be well-rounded and capable of performing any physical task reasonably well.

Eat This, Not That

Have you ever attended a networking event or been hanging out with friends and suddenly you find yourself in the middle of a hot debate about nutrition? One friend says he's getting great results from juicing, another wants you to try Advocare, and still a third has just become a vegan now that she's read "The China Study.